What I really should be doing….

Years ago (actually a different lifetime ago) when I was working in the city for a US investment bank, I was sent on a time management course. Apart from nearly losing the will to live I remember very little of the course. I do remember thinking it ironic a course on time management, that could have been condensed and delivered in a morning actually took 2 days. I also remember the advice you should take the time to make a list of tasks you need to complete and then assign each a number.  Tasks with a 1 would need to be completed that day, whereas a 20 (I tend to have very long “to do” lists) can be put off and carried over to the next day. These items will continue to be carried over until either you have the time to deal with them or they become a 1. Twenty odd years later I still use this system.

Now this is all very good if you are not the 2014 World Champion Procrastinator (I would probably have retained my title in 2015 if I’d actually got round to entering). This morning I have chosen to write this blog. Just two examples of what I should be doing, from my to do list littered with 1s, is the ironing (Mont Blanc is a mole hill compared to the pile in my utility room) and going to the tip to rid my studio of  large cardboard boxes and enough bubble wrap to protect Kenilworth from any harsh knocks. Writing a blog is only on my mental list (oh yes! I have a virtual list too) but as soon as I hit the “publish” button I will hastily write “blog” on my list and then proudly cross it off.  Momentarily I will feel a true sense of accomplishment  until I realise all the other items are looking at me with the resentment of a teenager who’s had their phone confiscated until all homework has been completed.

I like to think my inability to stick to what I’m meant to be doing is the sign of a lively, creative and intelligent mind but I suspect it is more to do with a total lack of self discipline.  And on that note I’m off to find the ropes and harness to scale the north face of the ironing mountain but first I’ll just organise my button tin.